Monday, June 7, 2010

Fresh Lettuce

As you may know I have a small raised garden bed in my backyard.  This year we thought we would try some "fancy" lettuce blend.  I really don't know what type of lettuce are in bunches but they sure are pretty. 

Yesterday I cut some of the lettuce back to have for a salad with tonight's dinner.  While rinsing the lettuce I decided to try a piece of each kind.  There was one that I liked and the other two were on the bitter side.  I'm sure with all the other fixin's I will not taste the bitterness as much as by itselft. 

I'm really excited that the garden is starting to show some flowers and growth.  I was starting to wonder if any of the plants would survive the cold snap we had a few weeks ago.  While I was looking around the garden I noticed my broc had some florets showing.  I can not wait for that.

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  1. They say that if you harvest lettuce in the early morning it will be a lot sweeter and less bitter. Not that I ever get up early enough to do that. But maybe you will and I can vicariously.