Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My birthday gift

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I originally told him I wanted two cabinets to go under my craftroom counter. I showed him the ones I wanted from Ikea. He is not a big Ikea fan and said I thought you wanted some new pots and pans. Well I do, I said. So I started the my quest for the "right" set of cookware.

I searched several websites for different types. I found a few sites with consumer opinions and even one that described the differences. One morning I woke at 4:45 am and had a discussion with my husband about them. He said, "Boy, you are really conflicted abought this decision." I didn't want to buy just some cheap inexpensive cookeware again. I have two sets already.

I finally had it down to two sets of cookware. One was a 13 piece set by Cooks (found at JcPenny). The other set was a 13 piece set with two Bonus pieces from Calphalon (found at Macys). The bonus pieces was the 6 piece utensil set and a 5-Qt. Dutch Oven Set. I told the lady I didn't want the 5 qt dutch oven since it was non-stick. She let me substitute it with a 12 qt stock pot.

We went with the Calphalon. Can you believe I have not opened the box yet. The weather here has been too hot to cook lately, so that is really the reason I have not opened the box yet. Plus I need to make room for all my goodies.

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