Sunday, October 13, 2013

Birthday Surprise

My husband knows me so well.  he knows not to buy my jewelry, shoes or clothes.  So what did he buy me last year for my birthday, date night cooking class.

He kept hearing an ad on the radio for this place Create a Cook and thought that is what I am getting her. So he finally made the reservations and I am so glad he did.  It is a cooking class for 8 people.  The chef shows and tells us what we are making for dinner and explains everything step by step.   That night we made grilled homemade Cannelloni (which we brought home for another meal), chicken piccata (was dinner at class), Winter caprese salad, Herbed garlic bread, and for dessert Cannoli.

Taking this class with my husband was so much fun.  It made him realize what I do everyday is not easy.

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