Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Herb Garden

I have been wanting a garden for a while. So I decided I would start with an herb garden. We have this circular bulb garden area, if that is what you want to call it, that iI decided would be a perfect spot for a small herb garden.

While the boys were on their shortened Spring Break this year I put them to work. We dug up the bulbs, not very many there, turned over the soil and shook out the grass. Then we went to Home Depot for the plants, compost and whatever I thought I needed. We came home and got right back to work on it. Laying down the weed blocker. Cutting holes in the weed block to plant the plants. I was very surprised that the boys actually helped the whole time. We got all the plants in the ground. Luckily for us the forecast had been rain for what seemed like eternity after we planted. They have grown some. The one plant that is doing well is my Cinnamon Basil. Never heard of it but I will tell you when you smell it there is a light scent of Cinnamon to it. When you chew a leaf you will taste cinnamon. Pretty neat. I guess I didn't read the label when I bought it. Hopefully it won't screw up any recipes.

So here are some photos of my Herb Garden 2009.

The whole herb garden. Basil, oregano and parsley.

Sage & Cilantro Rosemary & Thyme


  1. Your garden looks great! So many herbs! I just started growing herbs this year too. Mine are in a window box and I have a potted tomato plant and blueberry bush. Hopefully they will live long enough for me to use them.

  2. I love your garden! It's going to be so perfect!